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A Trip To The Museum – Transterrestrial Musings Finally, during the war, one of the hallmarks of the Nazi regime was to control the flow of information to the German citizenry. I hadn’t realized that they actually built specialized radios whose sensitivity was so weak that they could only pick up German government signals, but [...]

I May Have Fixed Comments

I know my comments have not been working for some time. You had to be logged in to comment but there was no way to register. I think I might have fixed that.


Television: Dave Kopel & Glenn Reynolds on Uprising on NRO Weekend The heroes of Uprising knew this instinctively. From the very beginning of the first episode, they are the ones who warn of the danger, and urge Jews to acquire weapons and fight, while the politicians and “wiser” heads preach prudence and collaboration. And throughout [...]

But I Thought It Was Bush’s Fault?

Citizen Soldiers – TIME Schwarzenegger and California are once again doing what the rest of the country shoulda coulda done but didn’t. After Hurricane Katrina, the secret was out that government alone would never be able to manage big disasters. First responders like firefighters and police make up less than 1% of the population. They [...]

All I Can Say Is…Wow! Just Wow!

Climate change, is democracy enough? All this suggests that the savvy Chinese rulers may be first out of the blocks to assuage greenhouse emissions and they will succeed by delivering orders. They will recognise that the alternative is famine and social disorder Let us contrast this with the indecisiveness of the democracies which together produce [...]


G.I. Tells of Ordering Execution of Unarmed Iraqi – New York Times Sergeant Vela is accused of murder, impeding a military investigation and planting evidence to cover up an unjust shooting. An earlier charge of premeditated murder was dropped. Sergeant Vela is the third soldier to be charged in the death of the Iraqi, Genei [...]

Generals To NATO; Get Your Head Out Of Your Ass.

Rather blunt. To prevail, the generals call for an overhaul of Nato decision-taking methods, a new “directorate” of US, European and Nato leaders to respond rapidly to crises, and an end to EU “obstruction” of and rivalry with Nato. Among the most radical changes demanded are:· A shift from consensus decision-taking in Nato bodies to [...]

Dear Third World Farmer… | Samizdata.net

Dear Third World Farmer… | Samizdata.net Thank you for trying to offer us high quality, low cost agricultural products. However I am sorry but we would prefer it if you remain dependent on tax funded handouts from First World governments and their anointed NGOs. And speaking of NGOs, if you People of Colour start getting [...]

Well Said, Flash Harry. We’ll Miss You

The last testament of Flashman’s creator: How Britain has destroyed itself It’s the present generation with their permissive society, their anything-goes philosophy, and their generally laid-back, inyerface attitude I feel sorry for. They regard themselves as a completely liberated society when in fact they are less free than any generation since the Middle Ages. Indeed, [...]