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On the KGW Channel 8 in Portland’s website there is a comment who recently started showing up in the comments section to various news stories. He is very good. He writes in the style of the extreme left commenter but if you read his comments closely they resemble Frank J’s “In My World” series which [...]

But…That Means…He Lied To Us

Ex-US candidate Edwards admits adulterous affair Two-time Democratic presidential candidate John Edwards, whose wife is ill with incurable cancer, admitted Friday he had had an extramarital affair but denied fathering the woman’s baby. Edwards, 54, apologized profusely for the affair, which he had repeatedly denied, and admitted that life on the campaign trail had made [...]

Who’s Profiting From The “Global Warming” Scare?

I’m sure the first didn’t have anything to do with the second. Al wouldn’t take advantage of his position as AGW scarer-in-chief to soil his hands with filthy lucre? Would he? Camco International Group, Inc. Named First-Ever Carbon Advisor For Democratic National Convention DENVER – In a Convention first, the Democratic National Convention Committee (DNCC) [...]

Iranian Leader Expects U.S. Lose Influence With New President

Iran expects ‘different approach’ from next US leader: Ahmadenijad “Whoever wins the elections, I’m sure that the United States will change, it will have a different approach,” the Iranian leader told the Italian daily La Repubblica.”The United States will have a reduced sphere of influence in the world,” he predicted

Dissing Bush OK, But Leave Democrats Alone

cbs2chicago.com – George Temporarily Removes Pfleger From St. Sabina The Cardinal reportedly spoke to Pfleger again Tuesday morning.”I have asked Father Michael Pfleger, Pastor of St. Sabina’s Parish, to step back from his obligations there,” the Cardinal said in a statement released Tuesday afternoon, “and take leave for a couple of weeks from his pastoral [...]

Damn It, Pfleger! Don’t Let Them Tape!

Primary Election blog – Pittsburgh Tribune-Review Sen. Barack Obama issued a statement this afternoon after a video tape emerged showing Father Michael Pfleger, a Roman Catholic priest, ‘speechifying’ from the pulpit of the Trinity United Church of Christ in Chicago.In the statement Obama said he was “deeply disappointed” in Pfleger after his sermon was captured [...]

Too Good

Clinton’s The Victim Of Another Conspiracy?

Bill Clinton says wife is victim of a ‘cover up’ (CNN) — Former President Bill Clinton said that Democrats were more likely to lose in November if Hillary Clinton is not the nominee, and suggested some were trying to “push and pressure and bully” superdelegates to make up their minds prematurely. So, that would make [...]

Leading By Example

AFP: Obama camp spies endgame in Oregon Pitching his message to Oregon’s environmentally-conscious voters, Obama called on the United States to “lead by example” on global warming, and develop new technologies at home which could be exported to developing countries.”We can’t drive our SUVs and eat as much as we want and keep our homes [...]

Obama Changes Everything

“Change” is the big buzzword in the Obama campaign. And it looks like “change” is what we’re going to get. One thing that has ‘changed’ is that it is apparently now unthinkable that Obama be subjected to the same vilification that Bush, Cheney and Republicans have been subjected to for the past seven plus years. [...]