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Looks Like The Kind Of Relationship That Politicians and Lobbyists Have

Blackwater Guards Tied to Secret Raids by the C.I.A. – NYTimes.com WASHINGTON — Private security guards from Blackwater Worldwide participated in some of the C.I.A.’s most sensitive activities — clandestine raids with agency officers against people suspected of being insurgents in Iraq and Afghanistan and the transporting of detainees, according to former company employees and [...]

2009 Corruption Perceptions Index: Who’s Corrupt, and Who’s Not So Corrupt

CPI 2009 Table/2009/cpi/surveys_indices/policy_research According to the Index, New Zealand and Denmark and numbers 1 and 2 as the least corrupt. followed closely by Singapore and Sweden tied for number 3. The United States comes in at number 19. We would probably do better except for Congress. But Puerto Rico is counted separately, coming in at [...]

Why I Don’t Bother To Watch ABC News.

I usually limit my TV news intake to local news stations. They cover the news I care about and can usually be trusted to be reasonably accurate. Just as long a the news doesn’t concern Public Employees, Union, Illegal Immigrants or other subjects where reporting is circumscribed  by Political Correctness. Today I was on the [...]

NYT Embraces The “Domino Theory.”

South Asia’s Deadly Dominoes – NYTimes.com WASHINGTON — The Mumbai attacks may have begun with Lashkar-e-Taiba, a Pakistani guerrilla group known in the West mostly for its preoccupation with Kashmir. But by the time the crisis finally ends, foreign policy experts say, the fallout may have expanded to include the United States, NATO, Afghanistan and [...]

NYT Revises Saddam Death Toll By 90%

35 Iraq Officials Held in Raids on Key Ministry – NYTimes.com Tens of thousands of Iraqis died or were persecuted, including Mr. Maliki, a Shiite Muslim, by the Baath Party. Over 300,000 in mass graves from 1991 alone but the NYT thinks only “tens of thousands” were killed by Saddam? I guess that in order [...]

‘Shoedenfreude’ and Shame: Reaction From Around Iraq – Baghdad Bureau Blog – NYTimes.com

‘Shoedenfreude’ and Shame: Reaction From Around Iraq – Baghdad Bureau Blog – NYTimes.com In Tikrit, journalists demonstrated in support of the Iraqi reporter who threw his shoes at President Bush during a news conference yesterday. And across Iraq, everyone seemed to have an opinion of the flying footwear incident. Ali Hassan Zweyid, a 30-year-old day [...]

Freedom Reigns In Baghdad!

In a real world demonstration of how successful the U.S. has been at building the foundation of freedom in Iraq, a Man threw his shoes at President Bush and was not immediatedly riddled by bullets or had his hands chopped off. President Bush took no action at all against him. President Bush’s host, Prime Minister Malaki [...]

Truth Is No Defense Against The New York Times.

“All the news that’s fit to print.’ I guess mottoes hang on long after the truth of them has faded into distant memory. You don’t expect the NYT to do any favors for people that embarrassed them. But you would think they would either stick to the truth or at least not revisit the embarrassment [...]


On the KGW Channel 8 in Portland’s website there is a comment who recently started showing up in the comments section to various news stories. He is very good. He writes in the style of the extreme left commenter but if you read his comments closely they resemble Frank J’s “In My World” series which [...]

I Guess They’ll Believe Anything

A Gen X response to Barack Obama | Salon Life Al Gore had the election stolen right out of his hands in Florida, and then the twin towers collapsed before our eyes. Someone said that the danger isn’t people that don’t beleive anything; it’s people that will believe anything. About two-thirds through this somewhat juvenile [...]