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Monthly Archives: August 2002

It’s Not That There Are Too Many Poor People;There’s Too Many Rich People

Environmentalist Laments Introduction of Electricity — 08/26/2002 Smith called the developing world’s poverty “relative” and explained “you can’t really have poverty unless you have wealthy people on the scene.”

Arab vs Jewish Nobel Prize WinnersNot Only Are Arabs Backwards, They’re Stupid Too.

Intellectual Output  From the Arab World

Mark Steyn

‘I’ll have the rhino,’ I said

No Budget Shortage In Portland

City votes to enter talks on PGE Portland’s City Council voted unanimously Wednesday to jump into negotiations over the future of Portland General Electric and to spend as much as $500,000 to analyze the city’s options. Among them: acquiring Oregon’s largest electric utility through condemnation.

Bush’s Chief Of Wildlands Kindles Worry At The Environmental Lobby

Bush’s chief of wildlands kindles worry An advocate of limited federal regulation and proponent of private sector solutions to environmental problems will carry out the Bush administration’s new “healthy forests” initiative, a signal the president’s strategy may hinge on the economic rather than the ecological value of western lands. The Oregonian, of course, does not [...]

The United States Needs To Get Over The Idea That We Are Not Ruled From Brussels

Trade Panel Says Europe Can Impose Penalties on U.S. The World Trade Organization, the international arbiter in global trade disputes, ruled today that the European Union can impose $4 billion in penalties on the United States because an American tax break that promotes exports is illegal.

DiFi Will Back Sheep, Not People.It’s Good To Be The Queen.

U.S. Approves Water Plan in California, but Environmental Opposition Remains With California facing a year-end federal deadline to reduce its dependence on Colorado River water, the Interior Department has given its go-ahead to a $1 billion, 50-year plan to store and pump water from beneath private land in the Mojave Desert. The Bush administration’s decision [...]

Just “Googled” Sister Hanna; Nothing.Great Coverage By Our “Free” Press

Biography of the latest Iraqi Christian martyr; Sister Cecilia Hanna 1931-2002 Sister Cecilia Hanna was killed savagely in a disgusting crime where her head was severed from the rest of her body, not because this old and kind human being did something wrong, but because being a Christian in a land roaming with Muslim fanatics [...]

If The Saudis Attacked The World Trade Center, Why Does Bush Want To Attack Iraq? An Answer.

Many people, including ones that I respect greatly like Glenn Reynolds, Moira Breen, and Ken Layne, have been questioning the reasoning behind attacking Iraq when the WTC attackers were Saudis and Al Queda was (is?) financed by Saudis. I am certainly no expert in geo-political affairs and even though I am a retired Army sergeant, [...]

As Usual, Den Beste Nails It

USS Clueless We have free will, they don’t. We think, they react. We make decisions, they are a preprogrammed bag of responses to our decisions. We bear ethical responsibility for what we decide to do; and we also bear ethical responsibility for what they do because it is wholly determined by what we decide to [...]