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Monthly Archives: October 2002

Why The Democrats Are Scum.

Memorial for Wellstone Assumes Spirit of Rally Tonight’s service … was part of the stealth campaign that has developed since the plane crash on Friday — despite public pronouncements by both sides against politicking.

I Thought Clinton Took Care Of This Problem?

As Cameras Roll, Haitians Dash From Stranded Boat to Florida Shore If we still have boatloads of Haitians coming to the U.S., then what was that whole invasion of Haiti about?

Democrats Want To Save Country From “The Far-Right Agenda”

Democrats see specter of all-GOP government Gephardt cited a recent Washington Post story which said that Republicans “are so optimistic about winning control of both chambers of Congress in next month’s elections that they have begun mapping how they would use their new power…” Adding his voice to Gephardt’s, Sen. Joe Lieberman of Connecticut warned [...]

It Had To Happen.

Clinton Declares Minnesota His Legal Residence (2002-10-28) — Former U.S. President Bill Clinton today declared that he is now a resident of Minnesota, and is “available for any type of public service the people of this fine state may need, even short-term temp projects.” From his “home” at the KOA Kampground just off the interstate, [...]

The Legacy Of The Vietnam Peace Protestors

Andrew Stuttaford at NRO reflects on the legacy of the Vietnam protests.The Corner: October 27, 2002 – November 02, 2002 Archives NPR ran a story this morning on this weekend’s ‘peace’ demonstrations in the US. The reporter noted that many of those demonstrating were veterans of Vietnam war era protest. In a revealing slip of [...]

Islamist Group Plans Asian Superstate

ABC (the Australian one) has discovered that the group who is believed to have bombed the Bali nightclub is planning a campaign to create an Asian Islamic superstate. ABC’s Four Corners program has obtained a secret intelligence report which claims JI plans to create an Asian Islamic superstate, including northern Australia. Four Corners’ investigation also [...]

Jimmy Speaks!

Jimmy Carter, our Sainted 38th President, has a column in (where else?) the New York Times. In his column, titled “Engaging North Korea”, Mr. Carter shares his accumulated wisdom gained from years of experience. A master of diplomacy, he gives the poor, failed, ignorant George W. Bush directions in how to deal with the crisis [...]

Bloomberg Reverts To Democrat

Once Anti-Tax, a Mayor Changes His Thinking Michael R. Bloomberg, the candidate, was firmly opposed to raising taxes, arguing they would “destroy this city.” Mr. Bloomberg, the mayor, changed his tune only slightly after he was sworn in, saying tax increases were still anathema, largely because they could never get approved in an election year. [...]

The Most Important Right!

Oregon Ponders Universal Care (washingtonpost.com) The voters here have the chance to create the first universal health care system in the nation — where everybody would receive medical coverage for everything, from massage therapy and marriage counseling to brain surgery and long-term care. Free Health Care! What a deal. Single payer, a board with 15 [...]

The Axis of Dumb Lives!

A couple of days ago I labeled Carter and Clinton’s 1994 agreement with North Korea as the “Axis of Dumb” due to the revelation that North Korea had continued their nuclear weapons program in spite of the agreement not to. Yesterday I tried to make the case that the knotheads that made this agreement as [...]