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Monthly Archives: December 2002

WASHINGTONIAN: Best & Worst of Congress

WASHINGTONIAN: Best & Worst of Congress BRAINIEST 1. Bill Frist (R-TN)2. Tie: Robert Byrd (D-WV), Phil Gramm (R-TX) The Tennessee surgeon and in-house anthrax expert collected more votes than Gramm and Byrd combined. NO ROCKET SCIENTIST 1. Patty Murray (D-WA)2. Barbara Boxer (D-CA)3. Rick Santorum (R-PA) Murray edged out Boxer in a partisan vote.

No One Here But Us Unbiased Journalists

Best of Notable Quotables 2002 — Media Research Center Media Hero Award First Place “For Castro, freedom starts with education. And if literacy alone were the yardstick, Cuba would rank as one of the freest nations on Earth. The literacy rate is 96 percent.” – Barbara Walters narrating her interview with Fidel Castro on ABC’s [...]

A Great Loss To The Legal Community

Monterey County Herald | 12/27/2002 | ‘Hanging judge’ dies at 73 Ellen James Morphonios, the colorful Florida judge who signed her decrees in lavender ink, kept a toy electric chair in her chambers right next to the stuffed animals and very real diapered chimp named Toto, and once from the bench congratulated a rape victim [...]

What A Bunch Of Losers

Sometimes when I’m bored I like to go to Indymedia sites to see what the Lithium deprived think about things. I live in Oregon so I prefer to read the site closest to home which would be Portland and Eugene. There is usually some interesting articles. But today I went the the Eugene site and [...]

The 101st Darwin Award Division Mobilizes For War In Iraq

“‘Human shields’ head for Iraq A convoy of anti-war activists, likely to include dozens of British volunteers, will leave London next month to act as human shields protecting strategic sites in Iraq. I don’t think even The Onion has come up with anything this funny.

Mark Steyn Has An Intriguing Way Of Putting Things

opinion.telegraph.co.uk – Ring out the old, ring in the old Unless Cherie also takes showers with Paula Jones or Demi Moore, Carole is the only person on the planet to have seen both Cherie Blair and Bill Clinton naked. Who has the dimplier bottom? Most intriguing

Was There Ever A Question About Backing It?

Bush Aides Back Effort for U.N. Denunciation of North Korea President Bush’s top national security advisers decided today to back an effort by the International Atomic Energy Agency to have the Security Council declare that North Korea is violating the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty and other agreements to keep nuclear weapons out of the Korean peninsula

What’s The Connection Here?

F.C.C. Lets Convicted Hacker Go Back on Net A hacker once labeled by the federal government as “the most wanted computer criminal in U.S. history” has won a long fight to renew his ham radio license, and next month may resume surfing the Internet. Mr. Mitnick was freed in January 2000. [H]is probation…expires on Jan. [...]

Thanks Bill; Thanks Jimmy

TAPPED: December 2002 Archives NOW WHAT? Recently, conservatives gave Bill Clinton a lot of guff for having tried to avoid war with North Korea over the issue of nuclear weapons during the early 1990s. Now that North Korea has decided to regain access to its stockpile of plutonium, George W. Bush is in the exact [...]


Sen. Frist Unveils GOP Racial Segregation Plan Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist, R-TN, said today that the Republican Party really believes in racial segregation, and has a plan to implement it. Just shows you what is really in the hearts of Republicans.