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Monthly Archives: July 2003

Mentally Ill Kid Blames Others For His Affliction.

Wired News: Star Wars Kid Files Lawsuit The parents of the infamous “Star Wars Kid” are suing classmates who posted a humiliating video of their son on the Net, according to Canada’s Globe and Mail. Quebec teenager Ghyslian Raza was the target of worldwide mockery when a private video he made of himself practicing his [...]

Cops Fail To Kiss Student Athlete’s Ass. ACLU On The Case.

This story was on the front page of my local paper, showing how great things are in Oregon. Things must be great, to waste paper on this story. Corvallis police defend race report At 6-foot-2 and 317 pounds, David Lose looks the part of a lineman on Oregon State University’s football team. Lose said, he [...]

Took The Grandkids To The Beach Today

My 4 year old granddaughter is using my computer room for a bedroom. So don’t expect much until Tuesday.

Our Unbiased Press

The Nevada Supreme Court Again

The fix was in I had lunch with a retired Nevada judge back on July 1. He told me the reason Kenny Guinn and Richard Perkins and that double-dipping professor Dina Titus and the rest of the big-spending gang had been so intransigent — not even willing to accept the $760 million tax hike Minority [...]

The Washington Post, The Democrat’s Loyal Partner.

GOP’s Power Play Nearly 10 years after winning control of the House by vowing a fairer and more open Congress, Republicans have tossed aside many of the institutional reforms they promised, increasingly employing hard-nosed tactics they decried a decade ago, according to numerous lawmakers and scholars. And just who are these unnamed “lawmaker and scholars”? [...]

And Who Is John Deutch?

Deutch Sees Consequences in Failed Search for Arms (washingtonpost.com) Former CIA director John M. Deutch told Congress yesterday that failure to find chemical or biological weapons in Iraq would represent “an intelligence failure . . . of massive proportions.” The only identification of Mr, Deutch in this story is as a “Former CIA director”. Nowhere [...]