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Monthly Archives: February 2004

Vets Not All Kerry’s “Brothers.”

Vets rally outside Kerry’s city HQ With only three days to go before Tuesday’s Democratic primary, Vietnam veterans rallied Saturday outside Sen. John Kerry’s campaign headquarters in Manhattan – but a Band of Brothers they were not. Side by side with a coalition of Vietnamese-Americans from across the country, members of the Vietnam Veterans Against [...]

Darwin Award Candidate

The latest entry from LA

Hypocrisy, Thy Name Is Liberal

TIME – Richard Corliss – Holy Hypocrisies Liberals’ and being a member of the media, I of course count myself among them – can be a pretty funny bunch. When we are sympathetic to a controversial work of pop culture, we invoke the artist?s right to create in an climate of total freedom, whatever feelings [...]

A View Of Kerry From The Left

Will the Real John Kerry Please Stand Up? Watching Sen. John Kerry’s presidential campaign break down and then later surge has come as a big surprise. For over four years, Kerry has made it known that he desired the Oval Office and his place in history. As someone who has watched Kerry over the years, [...]

North Korea, Alway Unreliable.

N. Korea Retreats From Offer on Nuclear Plans (washingtonpost.com) BEIJING, Feb. 29 — Six-nation talks on North Korea’s nuclear weapons program ended Saturday with little progress as Pyongyang backed away from an earlier offer of a freeze and declared instead it intends to maintain a civilian nuclear energy industry. Oh, sure, “civilian nuclear energy”. There [...]

Bureaucracies Once Again Prove Incompetent

Agencies Brushed Off Lead Warnings (washingtonpost.com) The D.C. Water and Sewer Authority and the Army Corps of Engineers rejected warnings from consultants who said as early as 1994 that lead contamination was a serious threat because of the way the two agencies were managing the water supply, according to records and interviews. “It looks like [...]

City Claims Poverty, But Continues To Spend

Corvalllis sends mixed money messages CORVALLIS – If a sign on a model dinosaur in the Osborn Aquatic Center lobby recently was to be believed, the public pool was on the verge of extinction. The book deposit in the rear parking lot of the Corvallis-Benton County Public Library is plastered with signs saying, “Closed Saturday [...]

Should We Tell Them That “Born In The USA” Is An Antiwar Song?

Springsteen used against detainees (February 29, 2004) A SPANIARD recently released from the US military prison in Guantanamo Bay has said he was confined to a small cell where the lights were always on and was forced to listen to patriotic American music. “All day they blared patriotic American music. It was Born in the [...]

Boom or Bust?

This post by Tim Blair notes something that I have started wondering about. How much of the “great economy” of the nineties was real and how much was hype? During the 2000 election, the Democrats accused Bush of “talking the economy down” for the sin of noticing that the “Clinton Miracle” was slipping away. One [...]

Defeatist Democrats.

Power Line: Slandering Republican Presidents On Powerline Blog, Hindrocket, while pointing out how the New York Times, in their zeal to bash President Bush, makes a false statement about out first Republican President Abrahan Lincoln. He also notes that this is not the first time the Democrats have been preaching defeat and surrender. By 1864, [...]