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Monthly Archives: July 2004

Sometimes You Just Gotta Take Action

STFU From Random Nuclear Strikes

The Marine Story Stirs Up The Fever Swamps Of The DU

Random Nuclear Strikes: Kerry get’s his due Puggs at Random Nuclear Strikes puts his sanity in jeopardy by delving into the putrid fever swamps of the Democratic Underground. This is a place where there is no effort to control the urge of the left to denigrate members of the military as “babykillers” and stupid brutes. [...]

Tommy Franks “Outs” Richard Clarke And Undermines The “Bush Lied” Crowd

Retired Gen. Tommy Franks Says U.S. Should Put Iraq On 5-Year Plan Tommy Franks, CINC of Centcom and the architect of both the war in Afghanistan and Iraq, has some criticism for a couple of the foundations of the present anti-war critics in an interview with Parade Magazine. He eviscerates the “Bush Lied” wing that [...]

This Could Be Bad News.

Senators Promise Swift Action on Reforms WASHINGTON (AP) – Senators promised swift consideration of proposals to revamp the nation’s intelligence structure after leaders of the Sept. 11 commission warned that bureaucratic wrangling leaves America dangerously vulnerable to another terrorist attack. At a rare hearing Friday during the Senate’s typically quiet August recess, Senate Governmental Affairs [...]

Mark Steyn Sizes Up John Kerry

He was complacent, arrogant and humourless. How they loved him He moans endlessly about the “outsourcing” of American jobs but, when it comes to his own job, he’s willing to outsource American foreign policy to the mushy transnational talk-shops and to outsource homeland security to some dubious intelligence tsar. There’s no sense of any strategic [...]

Belmont Club Lays Out Some Questions That Kerry Needs To Answer

The War Party Candidate The real question is not whether this new avatar of the War Party is a “no first strike” or “launch on warning” kind of candidate: but whether he is at minimum someone who will retaliate after a first strike. In framing his policy in terms of how he would respond to [...]

More On UNscam

New Zealand News – World – British link to oil-for-food scandal probed Customs and Excise is investigating a British link to the multi-million pound corruption scandal surrounding the oil-for-food programme which operated under Saddam Hussein’s regime in Iraq. Money was allegedly siphoned off from the scheme to fund pressure groups which campaigned against international sanctions [...]

Patterico Has A Great Roundup

L.A. Times: We Notice Only the Bush Opponents” href=”http://patterico.com/archives/002492.php”>Patterico’s Pontifications: L.A. Times: We Notice Only the Bush Opponents From Instapundit.

Teresa Tries Foreign Food

Bush and Kerry trade election criticisms Edwards and his wife had hearty meals of burgers and fries and shared a chocolate Frosty. Teresa Heinz Kerry pointed at a picture of chili on the menu and asked the cashier what it was before ordering a bowl. Her husband had the same, along with a Frosty. John [...]

Marines Not Impressed With “War Hero”.

DEM’S MARINE MISFIRE July 31, 2004 — SCRANTON, Pa. John Kerry’s heavily hyped cross-country bus tour stumbled out of the blocks yesterday, as a group of Marines publicly dissed the Vietnam War hero in the middle of a crowded restaurant. Kerry was treating running mate Sen. John Edwards and his wife, Elizabeth, to a [...]