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Monthly Archives: December 2004

Counter Reset

The counter on my page is basically meaningless. I had a counter on my old page, but when I moved to MT didn’t transfer the count. I don’t even remember when I set the counter up. I’m going to reset it tonight.

America Bashing By CNN

Neal Boortz notices that our media, in this case CNN, will bend over backwards in order to bash America and by extension President Bush. boortz.com: Nealz Nuze December 30, 2004 In the meantime, certain people aren’t missing the opportunity to use this disaster to attack the United States and President Bush. CNN was carrying a [...]

For A Minute I Thought, “Walter, Is That You”?

When I saw this story I thought for a minute that it was one of our stellar citizens. India official blames quake scare on Oregon man’s ‘hogwash’ alert An Oregon man who says he forecasts earthquakes by measuring the universe’s “dark matter” and his friend, an Oscar-nominated filmmaker, may have sparked panicked evacuations Thursday in [...]

More “Gotcha” Journalism

Justice Thomas Reports Wealth of Gifts The LA Times breathlessly reports that Justice Clarence Thomas received $42,000 in gifts since joining the high court, much more than any other justice. The Times of course sees dark forces at work. But if you read the entire story, you find that the majority of that seeming inordinate [...]

Another Myth Is Born

One of the things you can be sure of is that in any situation the MSM will find something about it that can be used to hammer President Bush. That has been true in every situation since his first inauguration. From the seven minutes reading to school children on Sept 11 to the “sixteen words” [...]

LA Times Evaluation: Needs Improvement

Los Angeles Dog Trainer Year in Review 2004 — Part One: The 2004 Presidential Election” href=”http://patterico.com/archives/003253.php”>Patterico’s Pontifications: Patterico’s Los Angeles Dog Trainer Year in Review 2004 — Part One: The 2004 Presidential Election After reading this, you can see that in a performance evaluation, the LA Times would garner a, “Does Not Meet Minimum Standards”. [...]

Some People Are Lower Than Liberals

Fraudulent Charities Use Tsunami Pleas To Prey on Donors

Ruling A Defeat For Common Sense

Does part of the preparation for taking a seat on the Oregon Court of Appeals involve having your brains sucked out and replaced by sawdust? That is the only explanation that I can come up with for this ridiculous ruling. Ruling a victory for protesters In a victory for political protesters, the Oregon Court of [...]

Mental Health Had Him And Cut Him Loose

I have heard from people upset with my remarks concerning Michael Egan, the transient that was shot to death when he attacked another man in Portland. The gist of their complaint seems to be that Egan was mentally ill and that increased funding for mental health workers would have prevented his death. Well, there doesn’t [...]

Well, I Guess They Won’t Be Accepting Any Help From Our Military Either.

Sri Lanka rejects Israel rescuers Israel has cancelled plans to send a 150-person rescue mission to Sri Lanka after the devastated island objected to the military composition of the team. Gee, if they object to the military composition of the team, I guess they won’t be wanting any help from anyone else’s military either.