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Monthly Archives: July 2005

Islamist Support Explained.

Even with the recent bombings there are those who support the Islamists against the West. Anthony Browne explains why. Fundamentally, we’re useful idiots

We’re All Gonna Die!!!

World Not Set To Deal With Flu Public health officials preparing to battle what they view as an inevitable influenza pandemic say the world lacks the medical weapons to fight the disease effectively, and will not have them anytime soon. Wait a minute, weren’t we all supposed to die last year because of the lack [...]

And We’re Supposed To Believe This?

CNN.com – Bomb suspect: ‘No al Qaeda links’ – Jul 31, 2005 Hussain Osman, who is also known as Hamdi Issac, said the four men who partially detonated backpack bombs before running from their targets on July 21 were not working with the July 7 bombers who killed themselves and 52 travelers on three London Underground [...]

More “Over There” Reviews

These soldiers say ‘Over There’ is ‘bogus’ “Bogus” was the preferred adjective among the eight soldiers — most of them Iraq vets — viewing the series pilot last week at Camp Murray, headquarters of the Washington State National Guard in Tacoma. LT Smash didn’t seem to like it either. Bottom line: total crap. Instapundit has [...]

Uh-Oh, Corporate Types Looting Charities

Looks to me like those fine folks over at Air America want to “do good by doing well.” The Radio Equalizer -Brian Maloney: Air America Issues Second Statement In Funds Scandal They admit they got the money but say it was to old corporate owners that took it, not the new corporate owners, so they’re [...]

Isn’t There Some Other Way She’d Agree To Do It?

On DRUDGE REPORTER VOWS TO ‘KILL SELF’ IF CHENEY RUNS FOR PRESIDENT Thu Jul 28 2005 15:32:13 ET Veteran wire reporter Helen Thomas is vowing to ‘kill herself’ if Dick Cheney announces he is running for president. The newspaper HILL first reported the startling claim on Thursday. “The day Dick Cheney is going to run [...]

“Do More In Darfur?” And That Would Be…?

I don’t keep up on the Washington D.C. party circuit so I have no idea who Steve Roberts is, but Cokie I recognize. She is the liberal daughter of Democrat politicians that has used her connections to get into the news business in D.C. They have written a column calling for America to “do more” [...]

Another Opportunity Squandered By Bureaucrats

As 3 Nations Consulted, Terror Suspect Eluded Arrest – New York Times Several weeks before the July 7 bombings in London, British officials were reluctant to approve a plan by United States authorities to seize an Indian-born British citizen who is now wanted for questioning in the attacks, law enforcement officials said yesterday. At the [...]

“Over There” Overhyped

The reviews of Stephen Boccho’s Iraq war series “Over There” are in and it is universally panned. Not by TV critics, or war critics, but by those who are supposedly being portrayed. The comments in Blackfive’s posting BLACKFIVE: Over There are uniformly dismissive. Argghh’s “Over There” report provides more reactions. It’s pretty bad. Has just [...]

So What?

Army General Advised Using Dogs at Abu Ghraib, Officer Testifies Army Maj. Gen. Geoffrey D. Miller told top officers during an advisory visit to Iraq’s Abu Ghraib prison that they needed to get military working dogs for use in interrogations, and he advocated procedures then in use at the U.S. detention facility at Guantanamo Bay, [...]