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Monthly Archives: August 2005

Great Parody…I Think

Villainous Company: John Roberts Is Not Healthy For Women And Children and Other Living Things… John Roberts must be stopped. If confirmed, he will drag this nation, kicking and screaming, back to the days when birth control was illegal and the American Womyn was chained to her Easy Bake oven for hours, forced to get [...]

Back In Business

My computer is back. My son fixed it and upgraded it in the process. It was my DVD drive that was causing all the problems. I now have a 2.4Ghz Pentium 4 with 1 GB of RAM, a 320GB drive and a new motherboard. This ought to last for a while. I had to call [...]

Hugh Hewitt’s Wondering About Katrina’s Effect On Gas Prices

Can you say $4 a gallon gas? Lousiana has 17 active refineries, producing about 16% of America’s fuel. Total American refinery capacity utilization was at 93% in 2004. American refineries are now operating at 97% capacity, processing 17 million barrels of oil a day (American consumes 20.6 million barrels of oil a day.) If Katrina [...]

Andrea Harris Is Not Happy With “Mother” Sheehan

Least Loved Bedtime Stories v. 2.0 » This is your brain on women I have had it with my sex. I hereby proclaim myself Female By Accident; it’s just an “F” on my driver’s license and a mistaken chromosome set; otherwise I have nothing to do with the mewling, puling, totally lacking in anything like [...]

Dan Rather’s Replacement Found

Chicago Tribune | HOAX! CARBONDALE, Ill. — Word that Sgt. Dan Kennings had been killed in Iraq crushed spirits in the Daily Egyptian newsroom. The stocky, buzz-cut soldier befriended by students at the university newspaper was dead, and the sergeant’s little girl–a precocious, blond-haired child they’d grown to love–was now an orphan. They all knew [...]

Opponents Of Robert’s Nomination Reveal Themselves As Petty Whiners

In Article, Roberts’s Pen Appeared to Dip South When John G. Roberts Jr. prepared to ghostwrite an article for President Ronald Reagan a little over two decades ago, his pen took a Civil War reenactment detour. The article, which was to appear in the scholarly National Forum journal, was called “The Presidency: Roles and Responsibilities.” [...]

No Surprise Here

Except for the fact that there is someone doing this story at all. abc7news.com: PR Machine Behind Cindy Sheehan? Aug. 25 – With the President back at his Crawford ranch, the anti-war protest right outside his ranch is getting a lot more media attention. ABC7 looks at who is financing the operation and who’s providing [...]

Clueless Democrat Blowhards

Democrat Party Leaders Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi have a op-ed that their staff wrote for them in USA Today, not a newspaper that I pay much attention to. The column is supposed to demonstrate their far-reaching vision while lambasting President Bush. But all it really does is show them to be clueless blowhards. The [...]

Pat Robertson’s Raw Deal

The MSM has been puffed up and bellowing in faux outrage over Pat Robertson’s remarks calling for the assassination of Fidel wanna-be Hugo Chavez. After all, Robertson is a Christian leader and, as every good reporter know, Christians are awful people who should be banned from participating in political matters. But back in 1997, things [...]

I haven’t Seen This Before

It would appear that MAX Redline has been around from waaay back in 2003, but I don’t remember seeing him before. My bad Don’t know how I missed him, looks like someone that needs to be blogrolled. Check him out.