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Monthly Archives: December 2005

Water, Water, Everywhere.

Happy Fourth of Junew Years! We’re having a bit of rain here. Hmm, Oregon…winter…rain. Go figure. The creeks are rising and the roads are sinking. We affirmed today that sheep can’t swim and they are too stupid to live. We have a flock out in a flooded field along I-5. Of course, everyone on I-5 [...]

Using Logic To Look At The Iraq War?

Something new and exciting. I haven’t been reading, or posting much in the past week. I’m kind of lying low and relaxing. I’m sure that the world will continue to turn, even if I’m not pushing as hard. I ran across the link below on Random Nuclear Strikes. Rational Thought 101-The Facts About The Iraq [...]

What Would Be Different?

I hear protestations from Liberal Democrats and the news media (if there’s a difference) that they are not on the other side; that they are not working for our defeat in Iraq and elsewhere; that the news media is not purposely accentuating the negative and minimizing the positive news in order to undermine Bush and [...]

He’s Caught!

Kenny McPhail was taken into custody by the Siletz Tribal Police early this morning.

Another Damn Kidney Store

This is second in two month and, of course, had to come on Christmas weekend.

This Is News?

Officials Want to Expand Review of Domestic Spying – New York Times WASHINGTON, Dec. 24 – Congressional officials said Saturday that they wanted to investigate the disclosure that the National Security Agency had gained access to some of the country’s main telephone arteries to glean data on possible terrorists. “As far as Congressional investigations are [...]

2005 Christmas Specials

WuzzaDem: Have Yourself a Mary Mapes Christmas iowahawk: Yuletide News Niblets Lucky Dawg News with ragingrudolph The DICK LIST: 43. “MERRY HOLIDAY” from the ACLU

Why We Fight

Tigerhawk is becoming a den Beste like analyst. He has written an impressive analysis of the hows and whys of fighting al Qaeda and the Islamist threat. Considering victory conditions in the wider war and the importance of ideology Like they say, read the whole thing.

Hmm Spying On Innocent Terrorists Doesn’t Seem To Be Hurting Him

President Bush Job Approval Friday December 23, 2005–Fifty percent (50%) of American adults approve of the way George W. Bush is performing his role as President. That’s up six points since the President’s speech on Sunday night. But the other half disapprove. But it’s unlikely to make any difference. He’s going to be President until [...]


This is what I was dealing with yesterday instead of posting. Ex-con sought in woman’s murder A suspect being sought by Linn County officials was released from prison earlier this year after serving 12 years for attempted murder. Kenneth Charles McPhail, 39, of Lebanon is wanted for the murder of Melissa Dawn Bauer, 20, also [...]