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Monthly Archives: February 2006

One Think You Can Always Count On…

When they say it’s “for the children”; it’s not about “the children”.

I Can’t Drive…55

When I was stationed in Maryland in the early 1980s, an elderly man made it his mission to make sure that people obeyed the speed limit on the Beltway. He would set his cruise control for 55 mph and drive in the left lane. The Maryland State Police got notice of this and instead of [...]

A Missile Defense System Just Got A Lot More Attractive

TCS Daily – Russia’s Global Roulette Today, Russia is the lead supplier for Iran’s civilian nuclear efforts, while ignoring that country’s military nuclear program. In December 2005 Russia announced that it would sell Iran $700 million worth of TOR-M1 (SA-15) short-range surface to air missiles, and is now reportedly negotiating a sale of long range [...]

Mohammed Violence Not New

Tim Blair has the story.


Former Soviet Dissident Warns For EU Dictatorship | The Brussels Journal

“Progressive” Jackboots

Midwest Heroes, Media Backlash There’s a battle going on in the Upper Midwest. The press and the Democratic Party in those parts are pretty well committed to our defeat in Iraq. But recently a group called “Midwest Heroes” have been running commercials in support of our efforts. The ads feature veterans of OIF as well [...]

Wishful Thinking

Barry Posen is a professor of Political Science at MIT. In this op-ed in the NYT today he explains why a nuclear Iran will not really be a threat. Obviously his years in the ivory tower of academia has softened his brain. We Can Live With a Nuclear Iran – New York Times Iranian nuclear [...]

Unused Intelligence

Good intelligence can be the deciding factor in any conflict. The more you know about your enemy the better. Studying how he thinks, plans and reacts gives you priceless insight into dealing with him. Unfortunately, gathering, evaluating and analyzing intelligence is not one of our strong suits. We have a kind of distaste for “reading [...]

New Age Survivalists

Every time has had it “doomsdayers”, those who predict that the end of life as we know it is just around the corner. In the 60′s we built bomb shelters, in the 70′s it was the coming Ice Age, in the 80′s it was the coming economic collapse, in the 90′s it was Y2K and [...]

One Study Negates Years Of Research? Why?

Research rattles forestry school But the single page in a top science journal Jan. 20 proved as hot as the fire that scorched 500,000 acres of Southwest Oregon. It rattled one of the state’s most prestigious colleges and threatened momentum behind a congressional bill to speed action — including logging — after fires. So, one [...]