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Monthly Archives: September 2006

Why The Election Will Be Closer Than It Appears

Don Surber knows why. The Democrats are a lot weaker than they would appear from the coverage by the MSM. I seem to remember this being the case for the last three elections. As I remember, in each election the MSM was out in front predicting victory for the Democrats. In 2002 they thought they [...]

Talk About Burying The Lede.

The Denver Post reports that Bill Ritter, the Democrat candidate for governor, (you can always tell when they’re Democrats because the story doesn’t give his party until far down in the article, if at all.) plea bargained serious crimes by illegal immigrants down to a trespass charge so they could avoid deportation. DenverPost.com – Deportations [...]

No Excuses For Terror

Hot Air provides a link to a documentary that appeared last week on Britain’s Channel Five. In it, a newsman that considers himself a leftist, examines the Left’s reaction to Palestinian and Islamic terror and the increasing number of people on the left that are making excuses for it. It is in 4 sections, each [...]

Religion of Peace?

TheReligionofPeace.com – Islam: Making a True Difference in the World We agree with the recently-released intelligence report that Iraq is a “cause celebre” for Jihadis, but so was Afghanistan before that, Chechnya before that, Bosnia before that, Somalia before that, Sudan before that, Afghanistan (again) before that, Lebanon before that, Kashmir before that, Israel before [...]

So Is Breathing.

GORE: CIGARETTE SMOKING ‘SIGNIFICANT’ CONTRIBUTOR TO GLOBAL WARMING Former U.S. Vice President Al Gore warned hundreds of U.N. diplomats and staff on Thursday evening about the perils of climate change, claiming: Cigarette smoking is a “significant contributor to global warming!” Gore is quickly sinking into self-parody. Who’re his handlers, the South Park guys? Did he [...]

But…But…That’s Different

The Strata-Sphere Blog Archive Democrat Disaster Apparently a Democrat prosecutor has leaked private phone conversations of a Rep woman candidate for state wide office to the media. So apparently it is OK for the government to listen in on phone call regarding a marital problem – and then publicize it during an election [...]

Another “Advocacy Study” ?

Studies call Klamath dam removal affordable GRANTS PASS — Studies for a California state agency indicate that removing four hydroelectric dams from the Klamath River to help salmon would not be so expensive as feared because sediments built up behind the dams contain low levels of toxic leftovers from gold mining, farming and plywood manufacturing. [...]

Kennedy Demands Outing Of Covert Sources

If there was ever any question that the Democrats want us to lose the war, both in Iraq and Afghanistan, their latest hijinks should put paid to that. First they had one of their political supporters violate security laws to leak a portion of the NIE from April, then, when the White House responded by [...]

The Democrat’s Are Trying To Reprise Their Role In Our Vietnam Defeat

ShrinkWrapped: The Democrats’ Repetition Compulsion When people insist on viewing current reality through the lens of the past and cannot see how their behavior and attitudes led to disaster in the past, they tend to repeat their past dysfunctional behavior. In fundamental ways, Iraq is not Vietnam, yet in several particulars the parallels are quite [...]

Smokers Are Always Good Targets

Governor: Let’s raise smoking tax OREGON CITY — Gov. Ted Kulongoski proposed increasing cigarette taxes by nearly 85 cents Monday to give health coverage to thousands of uninsured Oregon children. It’s right from page 1 of the liberal handbook, raise the taxes of a group that is unpopular and can’t fight back. It’s a variation [...]