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Monthly Archives: April 2008

We’re Back To Summer of 2001. 9/11 Is No More

Sharks Bite 3 Swimmers In 3 Days – Orlando News Story – WKMG Orlando NEW SMYRNA BEACH, Fla. — Swimmers were again cleared from a New Smyrna Beach Monday after a third swimmer in three days was bitten by a shark and treated at a hospital.The latest victim was the ninth recorded shark bite of [...]

Doing Very Well Indeed

Gore investment body closes $683m fund The investment vehicle headed by Al Gore has closed a new $683m fund to invest in early-stage environmental companies and has mounted a robust defence of green investing.The Climate Solutions Fund will be one of the biggest in the growing market for investment funds with an environmental slant. The [...]

Dollars And Treachery Will Win Every Time.

There’s a saying in military circles that “Captains study tactics; Generals study logistics” meaning that the best troops and tactics in the world cannot prevail without the proper supplies. I’ve been saying for some time that one reason for our smaller footprint in Afghanistan was due to necessity. This is because Afghanistan is a landlocked [...]

Big Brass Ones

John McCain’s Balls: Exactly How Huge Are They?

Free The Columbia Trade!

Colombia Tariff Ticker Your browser does not support iframes. Please visit <a href=”http://trade.gov/cfta/smallerticker.html”> Trade.gov</a> to view the Colombia Tariff Ticker.

Repeat After Me, “Oh My God, The Big One’s Coming!”

‘The big one’ is looking even bigger- OregonLive.com I have developed an earthquake drill which can be adapted for use in practicing for any disaster. Everyone should run outside screaming “Oh My God, The Big One’s Coming!!! We’re All Gonna Die!!!” They should do this while waving their are wildly in the air and running [...]

Must Not Be Much Of An “Expert.”

Eugene police say 3 bikers targeted agent, detective- OregonLive.com Packard, a regional expert on outlaw motorcycle gangs for the federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, steered his unmarked Ford Explorer down a dirt road as he and Burroughs searched for DeLoretto’s home. Suddenly they spotted their suspect behind the wheel of a Ford [...]

Crimes Against Who?

In the NYT Review of Books there is only one question regarding any book that treats 9/11 as an attack and the supporters of the ideology that spawned it as criminals. Which of far-left critic will they allow to trash the tome. In this case they call on Leon Weiseltier of The New Republic. Did [...]

Democrats Working To Decrease Fuel Prices? Who Would Be Stupid Enough To Believe That?

The Democrats are using Youtube to try to get the word out that they’re working to decrease the cost of gas. YouTube – Rep. DeFazio – Democrats Press Solutions for Gas PricesGosh, and I thought the Democrats were championing the cause of Glowball Warmening? I thought the idea was to reduce our “carbon footprint” by [...]

Reports Of Political Meddling Attract Politicians Wanting To Meddle

JS Online: EPA scientists face political meddling The survey results show “an agency under siege from political pressures,” said the Union of Concerned Scientists’ report, which was publicly released Wednesday and sent to EPA Administrator Stephen Johnson.The online questionnaire was sent to 5,419 EPA scientists last summer; 1,586 replied, and of those, 889 reported that [...]