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Monthly Archives: July 2009

Profiling: Behind The Doors Of The Ivory Tower.

iowahawk: Cambridge Police Profiling Still A Grim Reality for Harvard Faculty Assholes When I first learned of the arrest of my colleague Professor Henry Louis “Skip” Gates after he stood up to the fascist jackboots of a declasse, ill-educated Cambridge police officer, I was of course angered — but scarcely shocked. L’Affaire Gates simply aired, [...]

Nice State You Have Here Governor; Be A Shame If Anything Happened To It.

Obama’s Transportation Secretary gives a straight answer — the seventh time he’s asked | Washington Examiner Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood had to be asked the same question seven times in Friday’s House Budget Committee hearing before he would finally give a straight answer. Rep. Scott Garrett, R-N.J., was grilling LaHood about a letter he had [...]

They’re Coming To Get Us!!!!

Blunt warning about greens under the bed | Antonia Senior – Times Online Our intransigent refusal to choose green will be met by a new militancy from those who believe we must be saved from ourselves. Ultra-green states cannot arise without some form of forced switch to autocracy; the dictatorship of the environmentalists. The old [...]

Proving Once Again, That People Only Opt For “Green” When It Doesn’t Cost Too Much.

Austin’s clean energy program costing more, selling less

Panel Dissolves When Someone Pees In The Pool

The ALA (American Library Association was going to have a panel discussion regarding Islam. At least that was what it was billed as. But two panel members withdrew after a critic of Islam was allowed to participate. It seems that our ‘experts’ thought that they should be allowed to explain that Islam is a peaceful [...]

It’s Scientific!

Big Hollywood ยป Kill Polar Bears, Drink Coke to Save the Planet!